Therapeutic Services

Since 2010, a continuum of therapeutic interventions has been developed at Homewood College in response to a growing awareness that Homewood College pupils have extremely complex and challenging emotional and social needs stemming from their past/present family and life experiences.  At Homewood College, we have developed Attachment-Aware interventions and philosophy as we understand that most of our pupils present with attachment problems and will benefit from a consistent, reparative approach to their learning and their emotional needs.

All young persons who attend Homewood will have access to our onsite therapist who will offer individual therapy, if they should wish it.  Also, our therapist liaises with outside agencies, including CAMHS, and can help families better engage with outside support and medication assessments and needs.

Frederique Lambrakis-Haddad has been our Child and Adolescent Therapist for over ten years and tries to look at each child and their specific social and emotional needs and tailors what she can offer to the young person and family.  The range of therapeutic supports and interventions   include:

Individual therapy: 

Weekly therapy, during term time, is offered to any pupil who wishes to engage.  Frederique does not have long waiting lists and will accommodate even pupils who are off-site, on occasion.  These sessions are confidential and offer play and talk therapy to any young person who wishes.

Family Support:

Frederique will also offer families support both on and off site premises.  This support includes help for foster parents, carers and families who seek a more personalised intervention which is linked in with school.  Also, there are several teaching assistants who will provide off-site family support on a regular or spontaneous basis.  These teaching assistants are picked as they are adept at promoting family links and are supervised by our therapist.

In response to increasing concerns about lack of consistent positive role models in many of our Homewood College young persons’ lives, our Child and Adolescent Therapist developed a mentoring programme which allows the pupils to build an attachment and relationship with an adult staff person during school hours.  Typically, a relationship between a mentor (a Teaching Assistant) and a pupil is built around the principle that the mentor is providing the pupil with a positive role model who is consistent and reliable.   Our hope is that the pupil will not only learn from the non-judgemental discussions he/she has with his mentor but will also be exposed to experiences which may broaden his/her horizons.  At present, most of our Key Stage 3 pupils have a mentor and go out with their mentor once a fortnight.

Pupil Reviews (Whole Staff Supervision):
Once every half term, the full staff team participates in an in depth, therapeutic review of 2-3 individual Homewood College pupils.  The discussion lasts for an hour and a half and encourages all members of teaching staff to think creatively about how to best address individual issues and to increase their therapeutic understanding of the pupil and his/her circumstances.