Contact Numbers including DSL

If you need to contact our school please call our main number on 01273 604472.

Our front office team are Debbie Gillespie and  Pauline Steele.

Queries about individual learners should be directed to their form tutors (please visit the ‘meet the staff team’ page).

Queries from members of the public should be directed to the Executive Headteacher, Louise Cook or to Anthony Carlo, Head of School.  Any questions about admissions should go to Anthony Carlo.

Alternatively you can email us at

If you have concerns about the welfare or safeguarding of a child,  the Designated Safeguarding Lead is currently Anthony Carlo (during Martin Brown’s absence) and Louise Cook and Lynne Halls are the deputy DSLs.  Please phone them on 01273 604472 or email as below:

If your concern arises out of school hours or during the holidays or is about someone who does not attend the school, please contact Front Door For Families using the link below:  or Phone: 01273 290400  Out-of-hours: 01273 335905 (Emergency Duty Service)

If you feel a child, young person or adult is in imminent danger, please call 999.

For questions specifically about SEN or Annual Reviews, please ask for our SEN lead, Ali Lecky.