Meet the Governors

The Governing Body

The Governing body, as set out in the legal document the Instrument of Government, comprises  12 governors. The total is made up from differing categories: 7 co-opted, 2 parent, one staff, one headteacher staff and one local authority.  With the exception of headteacher staff all terms are for 4 years, although a governor may resign at any time.

How are governors appointed?

Governors do have to meet certain criteria and be willing to abide by the code of conduct. Declaration of Interest Eligibility V2 June 2015  homewood-code-of-conduct-for-governing-bodies-sept-2016 The headteacher may choose whether to take up the headteacher staff governor position and at Homewood Mark Helstrip withdrew from this position on 1.2.17. The staff governor is elected by and from the staffing body. The parent governors are elected by and from the parental body but if no one is elected then a parent of a former pupil may be appointed by the governing body. Other parents, such as those with children who have attended a special school may be appointed by the governing body in the absence of applicants from other parental categories.  Associate members are appointed by the governing body for specific roles. They do not have a vote at Full Governing Body meetings.

Register of Interests

Governors declare any pecuniary or other interest at the time of application or appointment, annually and at each meeting.  Should a conflict arise they withdraw from that part of the meeting and do not vote on that item.  The register of interests will be published here at least annually. interest-register-sept-2016


Name, Category and Date of appointment


Elizabeth Wylie (co-opted) 17.9.2014 to 16.9.2018 Chair of Governors
Peter Lyndsell (co-opted) 14.10.2015 to 13.10.2019
 Rachel Carter (co-opted) 13.7.2016 to 12.7.2020
Headteacher governor  This position has not been taken up
Sue Shanks (Local authority) 21.6.2016 to 20.6.2020
Susan Hart(co-opted)25.10.2013to 24.10.2017
  • Vice Chair
  •  Chair Curriculum Teaching and Learning
 Gary Alexander (Staff governor) 1.12.2016 to 30.11.2020
Lorna Miller-Cooper (co-opted) 15.7.2015 to 14.7.2019
  •  Chair Safeguarding Attendance Behaviour and   Wellbeing committee
  • Member Curriculum Teaching   and Learning
Parent Governor
  •  Two vacancies
Anthony Carlo (Co-opted) 1.2.2017 to 31.1.2021
Patrick Beach (Co-opted)2.10.2014 to 1.10.2018
  • Member Curriculum Teaching and Learning
  • Member Safeguarding Attendance Behaviour and Well-being Committee
Stephen Berry (Associate Member) 14.10.2016 to 13.10.2017Dawn Lorec (Associate Member) 2.12.2016 to 1.12.2017
  • To be a Panel member at Hearings


  •  To be a Panel member at Hearings


Governors who stepped down in the last year:

Frederique Haddad (Staff) 10.1.2014 stepped down 21.9.16

Nicholas Hallet (parent) 11.3.2015 stepped down 30.9.16

Mark Helstrip (Headteacher governor) appointed 1.1.2016 withdrew 1.2.2017