Governors’ Roles

The Governing Body of Homewood College meets in full at least 4 times a year.  Governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school, which is managed by the School Leadership Team.

The work of the Governing Body has three main strands:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Some of its work is delegated to committees of which there are currently two.

  • Curriculum, Teaching and Learning (Committee established 11.3.15)
  • Safeguarding Attendance Behaviour and Wellbeing (Committee established 11.3.15)

Non Confidential Minutes for the Full Governing Body and Committee meetings  will be posted on this page once they have been approved at the following meeting.

Terms of Reference for Committees

These are confirmed at least annually. Current terms of reference will be posted here.

Safeguarding Attendance Behaviour and Welfare TOR 3.15

Terms of Reference Curriculum Teaching and Learning 3.15


Full Governing Body:

Approved, non-confidential minutes will be published here and these will include details of governors’ attendance.  Non confidential agenda papers may be available upon request to

School year 2016/17

21st September 2016  fgb-21-9-16-minutes

9th November 2016  fgb-minutes-9-11-16

14th December 2016  FGB 14th Dec 2016 minutes

1st February 2017  FGB agenda1st Feb 2017  Confidential meeting. Governors present: GA, PB, AC, SH, PL, EW

15th March 2017   FGB minutes 15th March17

10th May 2017 FGB minutes 10th May 2017

28th June 2017 FGB agenda 28 June 2017

School year 2015/16

14th October 2015   FGB minutes14.10.15

2nd December 2015  FGB minutes 2.12.15

18th May 2016 FGB minutes 18.5.16

13th July 2016 fgb-minutes-13-7-16


Schoo0l year 2014/15

1st October 2014  FGB Minutes 1st October 2014

19th November 2014 agenda FGB 19th Nov 2014  Papers: News October 2014 New Admissions Process Model Safer Recruitment Policy – updated June 2014 Behaviour Policy HWC 2014 – 15 KPI Summer term 2014 SCH  FGB Minutes 19th Nov 2014

11th March 2015   FGB minutes 11.3.15

10th June 2015      FGB minutes 10.6.15

15th July 2015    Minutes 15.7.15


School year 2013/14

FGB minutes 2nd July 2014  Papers: Safeguarding Audit Toolkit for Schools and Colleges in Brighton Hove 2014-15 SCHOOL DEVELOPMENT PLAN ( one side of A4 ) (2) School Development Plan 2014 -15 note (3) GB Evaluation Action Plan Homewood

FGB Minutes 21st May 2014  Papers:  Guidance on Constitution Regs Sept 12 – updated May 14 VISIT LDLS 25 4 14 School Leadership Team input into the termly Headteacher Questions for Governors to ask regarding Children in Care learning walk Homewood Di Smith 6 May 2014 LDAttendanceFeedbackForm clerk forum  Briefing for Governors re CiC – May 2014

FGB Minutes 19th March 2014  Papers: SEN policy finalQueensdown School Road council map SIMS presentation to Governing Body 13th March 2014

FGB minutes 22nd January 2014    Papers:  2013_unvalidated_114678       Governors’ Visit Form – suggested Homewood School RAW policy Social Networking Model Policy for Schools – March 2013 – HW Social Networking Model Policy for Schools – March 2013FGB 

FGB Minutes 12th September 2013   FGB Minutes 2nd December 2013  FGB Minutes 24th October 2013

Finance Staffing and Premises Committee  (FSP)

Approved minutes from this committee are published here which include  governor attendance. Non confidential agenda papers may be available upon request to  Please note this committee was disbanded 13.7.16; its work reverting to the full governing body.

School year 2015/16

30th September 2015   FSP minutes 30th Sept 2015

4th November 2015   FSP 18 11 15 Minutes

22nd February 2016  FSP minutes 22Feb2016

4th May 2016  FSP agenda 4.5.16


School year 2014/15

10th September 2014  Papers:  Whistleblowing HMwd next rev May 2017 by fsp Whistleblowing Policy Update – POLICY ADOPTION INFORMATION SHEET – May 2014 (1)

11th November 2014  FSP minutes 11.11.2014

25th February 2015    FSP minutes 25.2.15

3rd June 2015              FSP minutes 3 June 2015

School year 2013/14 

FSP Minutes 11.6.14 Papers: Financial Benchmarking Mar 2014 SFVS Action Plan

FSP Minutes 11.3.14 Papers:  sickness Confidentiality Policy HC 2013 Critical Incident Policy HC 2013 Curriculum Proposals – 10 Key Points PUPIL PREMIUM POLICY draft

FSP Minutes 15.1.14  FSP Minutes 6.5.14

FSP minutes 29.11.13

Other committee meetings

These minutes are likely to be confidential.  Any non-confidential minutes and will be posted here. Business from any inquorate meeting is discussed at the next full governing body meeting.

SABW 17.07.17. agenda

SABW 07.03.17 agenda Governors present LMC PB EW

SABW10.11.16. agenda  Governors present LMC EW. Inquorate

sabw-15-09-16-agenda  Governors present LMC PB NH EW

SABW9.5.16 agenda   Governors present:  LMC PB FH EW

SABW 11.2.16 agenda  Governors present: LMC FH EW NH

SABW 16.11.15 agenda  Governors present LMC PB FH EW

Safeguarding agenda 27.4.15.

CTL 30.11.16 agenda  Governors present SH EW Inquorate.


CTL Agenda7.9.16  Governors present: SH . Inquorate

CTL Agenda 24.2.16  Governors present: SH LMC EW