Governors’ Roles

The governing body of Homewood College meets in full at least 4 times a year.  Governors are not involved in the day to day running of the school, which is managed by the School Leadership Team.  Governors agree to abide by the Homewood Governing Body Code of Conduct 2018

The work of the Governing Body has three main strands:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

More information about the role of governors is available in the governance handbook 2019.  Homewood College has connections with The Connected Hub and Brighton and Hove Pupil Referral Unit.  From April 2018 they are all led by an Executive Headteacher.   The governing body at Homewood College liaises with members of these units’ management committee to develop the benefits of joint working.  The structure of the governing body changed in autumn 2018 from having two committees to carry out some of its work, to two working groups made up of governors and members of the Management Committee and a Resources Committee made up solely of governors.  The working groups have advisory powers only.  There is also a pay committee drawn from the governing body that sits to fulfill its functions under the pay policy.

Old committees:

Committees from September 2018:

Working groups from September 2018:

  • Performance
  • Safeguarding


Approved, non-confidential minutes will be published on this page for the full governing body and committee meetings once they have been approved at the following meeting.  These will include details of governors’ attendance.  Non confidential agenda papers may be available upon request to

Meetings School Year 2019/20

FGB 25th September 2019 5pm

Resources 16th October 2019


Resources 27th October 2019

FGB 11th December 2019

Resources 20th January 2020

Resources 4th March 2020

FGB 23rd March 2020

FGB 13th May 2020

Resources 24th June 2020

FGB 9th July 2020

Meetings School Year 2018/19

Full Governing Body minutes:

FGB 8th July 2019 agenda

FGB 1.5.19 Minutes

FGB 21.3.19 minutes

FGB 12th December 2018

FGB 24th September 2018


Resources Committee minutes:

Resources 5th June 2019 agenda

Resources minutes 27.2.19

Resources minutes 21.1.19

Resources minutes 27.11.18


School Year 2017/18

FGB minutes 27.6.2018

FGB minutes 9.5.18

minutes FGB 16.4.18

FGB minutes 14.3.2018

Agenda FGB 21.2.18  Present EW, RC, JM, PL, AC, GL

FGB minutes 31.1.2018

FGB minutes 8th Nov 17

13th October 2017 Confidential.  Governors Present GA AC LH PL EW

FGB 20.9.17 minutes



FGB 28th June 2017 minutes

FGB minutes 10th May 2017

FGB minutes 15th March17

FGB agenda1st Feb 2017  Confidential meeting.

FGB 14th Dec 2016 minutes



Other committee meetings

These minutes are likely to be confidential.  Non-confidential minutes are posted here. Business from any inquorate meeting is discussed at the next full governing body meeting.

CTL 18.6.18 confidential minutes.  Governors present SH PL EW

SABW 15.5.18 confidential minutes.  Governors present JM and EW. Inquorate.

SABW 19.1.18 confidential minutes.  Governors present JM and EW. Inquorate.

SABW 17.07.17. agenda Governors present LMC PB EW

SABW 15.5.2017 Governors present LMC PB EW

SABW 07.03.17 agenda Governors present LMC PB EW

SABW 10.1.17 Governors present LMC PB EW

CTL 30.11.16 agenda  Governors present SH EW Inquorate.

SABW10.11.16. agenda  Governors present LMC EW. Inquorate

sabw-15-09-16-agenda  Governors present LMC PB NH EW

CTL Agenda7.9.16  Governors present: SH . Inquorate