Meet the Staff


Staff Name Email address Subject Area
Ali Lecky  SEN Lead
Marika Roberts  PE/Science
Martin Johnson Maths
Brian Hoten  Art/Humanities
Lynn Halls  Food Technology
Russell Dent  English
Lucy Thompson English
Caroline Watts Science/Maths
Gary Holmes Music
Anthony Carlo ICT
Robert Archard Design and Technology/Construction/Bike
Gary Alexander  Offsite Tutition



Staff Name Email address Area
Martin Brown Welfare Manager
Lynn Halls Pastoral Staff
James Clarke Pastoral Staff


Teaching Assistants

Staff Name Email address Area
Jo Oreton Teaching Assistants
Jo Adams Teaching Assistants
Tilly Baker Teaching Assistants
Tino Rowe Teaching Assistants
Rachel Wilkinson Teaching Assistants
Ewan Alexander Teaching Assistants
Abid Khan Teaching Assistants
Mary Nelson Teaching Assistants
George Murrell Teaching Assistants


Support Staff

Staff Name Email address Area
Karen Prout Senior Business Manager
Pauline Steele Administration
Debbie Gillespie Administration
Peter Lyndsell Caretaker
Gavin Thorp IT Support


Therapeutic Support

Staff Name Email address Area
Fred Haddad Therapy Lead
Alexis McGlone Therapist