This page is being updated.

We are currently re-writing our KS3 curriculum and our curriculum grids will be available shortly.  We are building our framework for learning around the powerful knowledge we want students to have, and to give them opportunities to re-visit, develop and embed their learning and skills.   We aim to establish clear curriculum goals which are ambitious for each student in each subject, and will be linking these to sequenced curriculum maps with KS4 success at their end point.

We are working on designing and delivering a curriculum with the emphasis upon the development of SEMH needs.  We recognise that our students can struggle with ‘traditional’ learning and use a variety of strategies and learning tools so that each student has the opportunity to succeed.  We are building in an ‘intervention’ timetable to address specific needs and further help students meet their EHCP targets.

We are also producing ‘cultural passports’ that support and enhance student experience of school and the wider community.  Our  ‘choices’ afternoons are an opportunity for students to try out different things, work with different people and develop new skills and talents.

Please contact the subject teacher or Kate Schofield for further information.

If you require any information about off-site provision, please contact Gary Alexander.