Engagement Provision

The engagement programme is provided to instil success into learners; in some cases this involves teaching them how to learn. Some learners have short “off-site” programs to help them over current issues: other students have long term arrangements. The type of program depends upon the individual needs of the learner.

As part of this we ensure that learners who are off-site undertake regular assessments in Mathematics, English and other subjects at entry level, level 1, level 2;  including GCSEs. Most exams are taken at on-site at Homewood College but in some cases exams and assessments are taken in approved off-site facilities

Engagement tutors provide weekly updates to ensure that work is logged, merit points awarded and that work is assessed in accordance with school policies and procedures.

The ultimate goal for any learner who is involved in engagement is to fully integrate them back into school; this process is, once again, tailored to meet the needs of the learner.


Engagement learners make use of online assessment materials such as Alfiecloud.com and Mymaths.co.uk. Mymaths can be accessed at anytime and all learners have logins and password to this effect. If learners complete the homework element of each lesson and press the submission button it will be logged onto our system immediately; a brilliant way to show how much work they have been doing.

CN flags

The above is an example of a chart produced by a year 11 learner who has continued to improve his ICT in preparation for his OCR National.

This term has seen the last of the AQA entry level ICT assessments; however we are going to replace it with a similar assessment from OCR.  Off-site learners are also fully embracing the AQA unit award scheme whereby they can receive accreditations for achievements. Examples include adding, poetry writing, creating PowerPoint presentations and using the library.



Ineapple pens are bad

I Ce man is cool
N Ight time is dark
E Veings are boring
A Fternoon is awesome
P Iglets are cute
P Eople are small
L Ollipops are lush
E Ndings are rubbish

 The above is an example of an acrostic poem written by a year

In terms of what year 11 leavers will be doing in  September,  some will be starting college courses; one got an unconditional offer based upon the results he had already achieved, one may be undertaking a course in music. One has  been so successful within their work experience that they are being kept on. One employer stated,

he is extremely pleased…  he shows good initiative”,

another said,

He appeared to enjoy himself and I am happy with how things are going”.

This is what the off-site provision programme is all about, finding out what works for the learner. Work experience is also proving successful for students in year 10 as well.

Learners have also been successful in terms of academic achievements and most have achieved qualifications in the cores subjects and even in the arts as one student did a GCSE in Art.


A large proportion of off-site provision takes place within the libraries of Brighton & Hove. This enables the students to improve academically and it helps improve their social and behaviour skills within a learning environment that will help them reintegrate back at Homewood College or  wherever their education provision continues.

Homewood College learners continue to have a good reputation at the Libraries that are used and a member of staff at Moulsecoomb Library stated:

“The learners that you bring in here are always so polite and well behaved.”

A big pat on the back to all learners who use libraries for their off-site provision!

Gary Alexander
Engagement Coordinator