Homewood College *Winners* have tea with the Mayor!

Last term we began a Random Acts of Kindness competition for students. This term three *Winners* were invited to see the current Mayor, Dee Simpson, at her Parlour!

She invited us for tea, let students hold the Maces (one for Brighton and Hove and Portslade) and taught us more about how the Mayor is elected and what she does – you have to be a Councillor for Brighton and Hove, and then become elected by the other Councillors, the Mayor’s term is always two years, and then it passes to the deputy Mayor.

The security man following the Mayor isn’t even for the Mayor – he’s for the chain. If you got it, it wouldn’t be worth anything, you would have to melt it down to get the gold out.” – Yr 8 student.

“The meetings go on for 5 hours – that’s too long. I wouldn’t like that job.” – Yr 9 student

Students were invited into the Chambers to learn more about how the Council is run, who makes decisions and the history – the police chambers used to be underneath, and there was once a murder there!

“There’s a door for Yeses and a door for Noes when the councillors vote. We walked through the Noes.” – Yr 7 student 

The Mayor was interested in how the students had become winners; this term some examples of students’ kindness:

  • Offering and sharing ice lollies with a member of staff to help them keep cool
  • Asking staff how they are
  • Opening the door for staff who had their hands full of books
  • Welcoming visitors and chatting to them about their lessons – without being asked
  • Offering and helping to lift pallets for younger children’s den making session
  • Standing up for younger children when they saw teasing
  • Voluntarily apologising after a disagreement with a friend and shaking hands
  • Voluntarily helping the lunch people carry the lunch from the van
  • Creating a sponsored bike ride to raise money for Macmillan