Miss School Miss Out

Going to school is important for every pupil. Regular school attendance gives many benefits and opportunities for the future.

Advice is also available for anyone finding school attendance challenging, to make sure everyone has the best chance of making the most of their education.

Missing school means missing out on so many things. A young person’s prospects are significantly affected by the amount of education they receive. Future employers and training providers will look to see what grades a young person has achieved.

In this city, pupils who attend for more than 95% of the year achieve GCSE results that are one grade higher than those with lower attendance.

Being in school is also about being with friends, experiencing new activities and learning new skills.

Together we can make sure children don’t miss school and miss out.


  • Missing 19 days in a school year means only being in school for 90% of the time
  • Being late 15 minutes every day would mean missing two weeks of learning in a year
  • School provides pupils with experiences beyond what is taught in the curriculum and these help to improve future prospects
  • Children do not need to stay off school if they have mild health problems, such as conjunctivitis, a cold or headache.