Goodbye to Year 11

On the 5th of July we bade an emotional farewell to our year 11’s. A number of our pupils arrived with their parents and carers for a final assembly where their achievements were celebrated, including qualifications achieved to date. In addition, as in previous years our pupils were rewarded by Starbucks who sponsor them in their efforts with exams in the form of a monetary reward scheme.
It’s always an important time when our pupils, who we have got to know really well, move on to college and other things in their lives. The end of secondary school is a big change for any year 11 pupil but particularly those from Homewood who have mostly managed to forge positive relationships with the staff that have supported them through both good and difficult times. As always, the event was wrapped up with a video compilation of photos of them all as they’ve grown and an appropriately emotional piece of music, and my how they’ve grown up! A few tears were shed by pupils and staff as we all looked back in time. We wish all of our departing pupils the very best with the next chapter in their lives and hope they are successful wherever they go and whatever they choose to do.
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